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Det hade verkligen vart något att äga ett sådant set! men vågar man ha det hemma, skulle få ligga och samla dam i ett bankfack, 200 lax lixom!
After having sneak looked at gods cards its hard to imagine that he plays dice with the world ...

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Hur det står i comp. rulebook (det röda är det viktiga för det läget vi diskuterade)

702.2. Deathtouch
702.2a Deathtouch is a static ability.
702.2b A player assigning combat damage from a creature with deathtouch can divide that damage as he or she chooses among any number of creatures blocking or blocked by it. This is an exception to the procedures described in rules 510.1c–d.
702.2c A creature that’s been dealt damage by a source with deathtouch since the last time statebased actions were checked is destroyed as a state-based action. See rule 704.
702.2d If a permanent leaves the battlefield before an effect causes it to deal damage, its last known information is used to determine whether it had deathtouch.
702.2e The deathtouch rules function no matter what zone an object with deathtouch deals damage from.
702.2f Multiple instances of deathtouch on the same object are redundant
Tomas Davidsson