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The Swedish Masters in Warmaster at BSK32 Anno 2014

Settings & Rules:
Army: 2000p.
Warmaster Rulebook, Warmaster Armies, Warmaster Rules Update and Errata/Q&A.
Army lists version 2 (so called Tournament-lists).
House rules of the Tournament, such as Charge-rules, Flyers, etc.
Different scenarios, most likely wheather- and daylight-conditions.

Pre-knowledge: To have a good understanding of the rules and own army rules.

Painting and army:
There is no demand for only painted units, but as everyone knows, painted soldiers fight better.
Army: bring the army that you find is the most fun/interesting to play with.
Prizes: Besides everlasting honour, Best Painted Army, Best Painted Unit, Best Painted Stand, Army Of Bunnies, Army Of Darkness.

Apply in advance: Yes, ends 2014-10-26.

Time for gathering and start of tournament: Friday 31 oct around 18-19. (6-7 pm)

Cost: The tournament is free of charge for participants of the convent.

Number of participants: As of now, we have 3 enrolled, still counting....

More info when applying.

Contact and appliencies: Ola Ståhl, wmchaos2000BUNNYyahooDOTcom

Army for lending can be arranged, just get in touch a week or so before.

Questions, please ask them on our Gaming Club Armagedon:s forum. (

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