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Datorspel / SV: Blood Bowl 2
« Senaste inlägg av Raslurbat skrivet maj 22, 2018, 17.06 »
Efter att tagit en längre paus på fyra säsonger är det åter igen dax för Slemmen att skaffa ära i OCC. Blev tilldelad plats i Tier 4B.

Här kommer en analys av lagen från coach C2MC:

                                                              BREAKING NEWS!

The Women with Attitude did not get demoted even after managing to lose every single game during Season 6. Finally, we are rewarded for all the sexual favo-... all the friendly talks we've had with the Board of Directors.

In all honesty, it wouldn't have been that much of a bother if we got demoted, but it's nice to stick around in the middle tier for all that Middle Tier Prestige!


This is the first Season where we do not have another Ogre coach in our Division, which comes as a nice surprise. And it looks like we have a nice mix of different teams, with some familiar faces that didn't learn their lesson the first time they faced our ladies!


:nurgle:  Raslurbat - Slime Pit Sluggers - 6/5/7

@Raslurbat returns to the OCC after taking a 4-Season break. His team has developed pretty well for a 2-Season Nurgle squad as most of his Pestigors and Warriors have Block. Even the Rotters come with a Level-up! They're not scary yet, but our chances against them will be greater if we face them early on. Ogres don't deal very well with Foul Appearance and Claw, not to mention AV9 players with Regeneration.


:khemri:  @Scaron84 - K Nation - 7/6/5

Oh hey, it's Khemri! I haven't faced this team yet and I'm very curious about how it'll work out. Since they don't have a lot of high-Agility players it'll be easy to prevent them from picking up/stealing the pigskin, but they also bring a lot of Strength 5 bruisers to the field. As against most Undead, Regeneration will make or break the bashing-game so let's all pray for a lazy Necromancer. I don't see a lot of extraordinary players on K Nation, except for the Tomb Guardian with Block.


:underworld:  @Sataric - 100% Apple Juice - 9/4/14

The first time the Women with Attitude faced off against 100% Apple Juice was in their very first Season of  OCC2. That game ended in a 0-0 draw and we faced little opposition due to the lack of developed players. Now, there's multiple dangerous players on the team, the Troll, Vilsen will make life difficult for both Gnoblars and Ogres alike and there's a mean Blitzer called Farlig we'll have to put on the sidelines as quickly as possible as well. Combine that with a potent Thrower and the girls might find it hard to pull off another draw... .


:orc:  Sidley - Cuyahoga River Bends - 9/7/11

@Sidley still runs a team quite similar to the one we faced in Season 4. No Troll and double Thrower. Why?... Who knows! As I've already pointed out numerous times, Ogres tend to have trouble against Orcs and The Cuyahoga River Bends were no exception, coming out on top against the girls 1-0 the last time we faced them. Since then, the Greenskins have acquired some more Guard and Mighty Blow on their Blitzers, and all the Black orcs come with Block. Depending on who's armour holds up the best, this game can go either way.


:vamps:  jrpeart - Bat Losers - 8/4/15

More Vampires? Delicious! We may not have faced @jrpeart yet, but we do have some experience against the Blood Suckers thanks to Sir Mewash and Bantha. In general, we punch Thralls and then the Vampires voluntarily leave the pitch once there's no free lunch/dinner to be found. Hypnotic Gaze usually proves difficult to deal with, though and most of the Vampires are Blodgers so we are heavily relying on Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley and her Tackle to take the pale fancy-men down. Unless we just roll a lot of POWs, that is.


:underworld:  Bob and My Yak - Sabre Mountain Mutaniers - 10/7/10

@Bob & My Yak ... Bob and his Yak... is it my yak or his yak? Our yak?... The Sabre Mountain Mutaniers are the second Underworld team in our Division and seem to have spent more time developing their Goblins than anything else. The Troll, Molten Core, has both Tentacles AND Prehensile Tails so we'll have to take good care of our Gnoblars against this one. The rest of the team is not extremely threatening, except for (of course) the one Claw/Mighty Blow Blitzer. Sataric's team is definitely more dangerous when it comes to sheer bashing-power, but the multitude of +AG rolls for the Mutaniers may allow them to simply outrun the Women with Attitude.


:ogre:  C2MC - Women with Attitude - 6/6/15

You know who we are. Hands down the greatest, most beautiful and most successful Ogre team in Tier 4B.


:amazon:  @Filadeus - Glamorous Fashionistas - 10/6/2

Bah, more Zons! Our last outing against the Dodgy Ladies (ZZKing's AmaZzover) was a 1-0 loss but we didn't have Ellen there to Tackle them down, back then! Unfortunately for the bigger, beauty-fuller ladies, the Zons also acquired some new tricks... . Blodgers litter the field, Mighty Blow is present on multiple players and there's a dedicated Killer in Kate Upton. Unless we POW on every Block, I don't see this ending in our favour.


:skaven:  Hairy Coo - Onyx - 12/3/3

Skaven's another race we haven't faced yet, and @Hairy Coo's squad comes in with only 10 players. 2 Blitzers that're pretty developed, 3 Gutter Runners to do Pseude-Elf things and 5 Linerats to fill out the roster. Much like our Underworld opponent's, the Skaven Blitzers pose a huge threat to our girls so we'll have to be careful. The fact that this opponent enters the Tier with only 10 players might save us a lot of trouble if he can be kept low on resources throughout the Season. I'm very curious about this match-up and I look forward to the game!


:delf:  Weljamir - Merciful Minions - 6/2/1

Looks like someone got thrown in to the deep end after only 1 Season. Just like Hairy Coo, @Weljamir only has a 10 player roster and because he only has 1 Season worth of games under his belt, his players aren't very developed. 1 Witch Elf, a few Line-Elves with Dodge and 3 Blitzers (of which only 1 has levelled-up). We may lose to the Merciful Minions when it comes to Agility, but if we manage to knock a few guys down early on, the Women with Attitude should have little trouble rolling over these sneaky, filthy Elves.


--- --- ---


Overall, I like the diversity this Division brings. A lot of different match-ups and a few races we haven't played before. I am looking forward to the games and the start of the new Season. Best of luck to all the other coaches and may the best Ogre win! 
Brädspel / SV: Brädspel på torsdagar
« Senaste inlägg av globetrotter skrivet maj 22, 2018, 08.52 »
Brädspel på torsdag som vanligt! kom gärna med önskemål om spel!
Rollspel / SV: Röda Rummet: Tråd för bokning av rummet
« Senaste inlägg av wileruilaer skrivet maj 21, 2018, 22.56 »
Tis 22/5 DnD - Corruption of Heroes - Theodor During
Sön 27/5 - 11.00-22.00 - D&D 5ed. - Martin Bratt
Tis 29/5 DnD - Corruption of Heroes - Theodor During
Tis 5/6 DnD - Corruption of Heroes - Theodor During
Rollspel / SV: Röda Rummet: Tråd för bokning av rummet
« Senaste inlägg av DemonicFlower skrivet maj 21, 2018, 21.48 »
Tis 15/5 Eon: Tales of a Merchant - Rasmus
Lör 19/5 DnD -Tom
Tis 22/5 DnD - Corruption of Heroes - Theodor During
Tis 29/5 DnD - Corruption of Heroes - Theodor During
Tis 5/6 DnD - Corruption of Heroes - Theodor During
Rollspel / SV: Bruna Rummet: tråd för bokning av rummet
« Senaste inlägg av illarvan skrivet maj 21, 2018, 14.21 »
26/5 Lör Raiders of Tyrion vol2. 12-23 Ewers
27/5 Sön Western grp2. 12-22 Ewers
11/6 Mon: DnD. 17-23 Tom
Datorspel / SV: MEAN MOUNTAIN MANGLERS goes Bloodbowl 2, Säsong III (LE)
« Senaste inlägg av Martin Larsson skrivet maj 21, 2018, 11.25 »
Status Slutspelschanser Div1 omg7
De Flygande Hemorojderna 6-0-0 +16
Hellfheim Rockers 5-1-0 +16
BloodDeathsServantMaster 3-2-1 +4
Cold War Reptiles 2-0-3 -5
Free Hugz 1-2-2 -1
Santas and Little Helpers 0-3-3 -11
Acolytes of the Red Moon 0-2-3 -7
The Real Fluffers 0-0-5 -12

Matchups omg 7
Santas and Fluffers
Acolytes of the Cold War
Flying Rockers

Uppdateras efter deadline omg6

DFH, HR och BDSM är klara för slutspel oavsett allt. Det handlar mest om huruvida algerna kan sno ligavinsten av homorojderna.
Det är mer öppet i botten än vad det kanske ser ut så dem sista matcherna i omg6 är viktiga hur dem slutar!
Brädspel / SV: [ASL] Red Barricades 2018
« Senaste inlägg av Ewers skrivet maj 17, 2018, 18.53 »
Brädspel / SV: [ASL] Red Barricades 2018
« Senaste inlägg av carlsson skrivet maj 17, 2018, 11.18 »
Stefan och jag har pratat, och vi kommer inte att spela RB ikväll.
Så vet ni! Ses om två veckor. :)
Figurspel / SV: Malifaux
« Senaste inlägg av jameskiawa skrivet maj 16, 2018, 14.06 »
Vem spelar malifaux?

Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
Brädspel / SV: [ASL] Red Barricades 2018
« Senaste inlägg av carlsson skrivet maj 15, 2018, 23.08 »
Jag spelar väldigt gärna, men har ett möte kl 19-20 ca.

Stefan, vad tycker du?
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